Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life on Sunday...

 As a kid, I never dared say this phrase. As an adult and in the current state of things, I'm so bored. I already spent all my energy trying to find the best deal for school supplies. Why does a third grader need a 14 dollar 3" 3 ring binder? Especially when I could buy 3 1" binders for 50 cents! Arrrggghhhh.And last year, when I scrimped on a cheapo binder, it fell apart and Zee never told me till school was over. I did get 9 cent pencils and 19 cent highlighters. Office Depot had some good sales, but the best deals of the day were at Walgreens. I'm sure Walmart has some good things, but I don't shop there unless it's before 8am. I still need way more than I'd like to admit, but I'm half-way there. Two kids in school! ARG!

I go to Dr. Saulog's tomorrow and hopefully find out what all the tests say. I should start my B-12 shots tomorrow too.

My friend Corina came over and worked so hard on my house. It's so nice. I still have to work on my own room, but considering how much work we did on the rest of the house, I'm thrilled. I can't thank her enough.

Well, I guess I will find something lame to watch on Hulu.


  1. I never said I was bored growing up because my Momma would immediately find something for me to do! Even if it was re-organizing a perfect closet. I could never play hookey either - she would have me busy doing something! She is STILL that way and she is almost 76! When I go to visit she will not sit still 5 minutes she is constantly doing something. I was that way until I got married...and Randy taught me another way of life! ha...ha...ha
    You need to rest and enjoy some down time! It will be busy soon enough! I am glad you found some good school deals - it amazes me how stinking expensive it is!!

  2. I also was in that "never say I'm bored club." Momma would find something really unpleasant for us to do, like scrub the toilet, or wash out dirty diapers (remember those were the olden days before pampers) or something equally disgusting. As for relaxing, I agree with Tina, enjoy it. It has taken me the whole two years to just relax, but I still feel guilty most of the time for not doing something. As for the notebook thing, I'm sure it is to keep everything in one place and keeping up with 20 three inch ones is a lot easier than 60 one inch ones. And then you would have the problem of going through all those one inch ones to find the right one. I'm sure it's just an orginazational things. Don't worry, it will work out. Hope you find out something tomorrow. Keep us posted. Love you all.