Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please, please, please!!!

 You all know how much I love Indian food. I don't have cable or satellite TV, but I love going to the Food Network website and watching videos. I've been hoping for a long time that they would bring a chef that would feed my love for the Spicier things in life. My timing could not have been better. They are at the finale for "The Next Food Network Star" (down to 3) and guess who is the crowd favorite? A sweet lady named Aarti Sequeira from Dubai. YAY! She has the cutest website called "Aarti Paarti" and she mixes Indian and American cuisine. I'm so happy. I voted 10 times today and she has the most votes. I soooooo hope she wins. She already has an internet show, so she knows how to entertain an audience. Woohoo! I just need some buttermilk now so I can make her BAKED Samosas. Yum! I don't know when the actual show airs, so if you find out that she wins, please post on Facebook! Thank you!

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  1. It airs on Sunday night! I wish I knew you liked could have been coming over and watching it with us! We also LOVE Aarti and vote all the time for her. We will be very surprised if she doesn't win...she has stood out the entire show!! We record it and usually watch it in Monday night. One of our other favorite shows has it finale tonight - "Top Shot". You and Avi would love is a shooting competetion - most excellent show too! It is on the History channel. If we watch tonight I will let you know. I am pretty sick today so I don't know what I am going to actually do...except try to get some rest! I have my laptop in bed with me...trying to take my mind off the pain...can you relate???