Monday, August 31, 2009


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School 2009

She wants to wear glasses like Eema, so this is as close as she gets.

Abba took this picture of the three of us.

This is Zee waiting for school to start!

Abba and Zee just waiting for the door to open to Second Grade!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Brother???

This white decal has been on my mail box for months. I thought it was strange when I saw it the first time. Then I heard my Mother-in-law speak to her postal worker and he had a handful of them. I'm not exactly sure what he told her, but I was curious... Do you have one on your mail box? Is it a tracking device for postal workers, or is it some government conspiracy to keep track of us? I'm not really freaked by this (maybe I should be) but I AM curious to see how many of you have some new thing added to your box?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Head Start Meet and Greet

Tzipi's teacher from last year, Mrs. Wormsbaker

Tzipi's new teachers (can't remember their names)

Silly Hat wearing girl

Silly Hat wearing boy

The children's tables

Cute foodies on the wall

Zee and Tzipi playing in the kitchen

Get them ready for Toastmasters early!!!

She's more excited about school now that she's seen the class room. 7:30 to 11:00. Wow they grow fast.


Yes, the kids tried to rescue a baby mourning dove. They named him Noah.

He had largish feathers, so I said it was ok to try and keep him alive.

He spent one night in our home and it was fun to make food for him and try to get him to eat.

It was a very special thing to hold this creature in my hands and watch him look back at me. Avi took him outside for fresh air the next morning and he flew up into the tree. Avi said, "he's in God's hands now". As soon as I got back from work Zee said, "Noah's dead". Avi said, " we don't know that, God is taking good care of him." I laughed with Zee's blunt answer. I am not sad. It was a special thing that this bird let us take care of him for one night. I love birds. That's why I named my daughter Tzipporah. Beautiful little bird.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is our kitty. Her name is Dust Bunny. She is going to need to take a bath today. She got into some oil. This should be very interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Bad Things Happen

I can't go into details about this weekend, but I just needed to reflect a bit. I go into a zone and can't stop thinking about it. It helps to do something. When I'm not doing something I am thinking about the next thing I can do to help, wishing I simply had more time in my busy day. To speak in general terms, my very close friend had a terrible thing happen. It is hard to understand why this terrible thing happened, but it did. So now I try and think about what I can do to help her. I don't have much to give considering that I have two children and a husband to care for as well, but not doing anything makes it worse. She's by herself. She has three children. She doesn't have a close network of people to call on. I know that bad things happen and I can't think of it past that point. I want to scream and cry and run all at the same time. That won't help anyone. God is here. He was there when it happened. He is hurting too. He wants to help her and He has, she isn't dead. I can't focus on the why. I only have right now. Her needs are real and there are small things I can do to help. Our friendship is unique. At one time I didn't like her. Then I got to know her. She is a strong powerful woman and is doing her best to make it through this life. She has three beautiful children that have the potential to do great things. We sit next to each other for many hours each day. And her cubicle is empty. I hope its not empty for long.

Your continued prayers for her family and her restored health are much appreciated.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going with the Flow

Well, I've been taking my business a little at a time. Waking up while my family is still sleeping and investing an hour building my business. I have training in Lubbock on the 22nd, a party/workshop on the 29th, Vacation to 3 Falls Cove where I get to hold a workshop for my family, a club meeting in September, and a conference in October. I've already had my first order and I'm so excited about creating new samples with all the techniques I've learned. I'm even working on my website so customers can buy without waiting for my next workshop or event. . There are times when I only wish for some quiet time to work on my business. It's a challenge to balance a full time job with a part time dream, but it simply takes a lot of organization. Thanks to Toastmasters, I'm not intimidated with speaking to strangers and I've also gained a great deal of confidence. I schedule phone meetings with my upline in the morning and a phone meeting with my husband and children in the afternoon. Then I spend time cuddling with my children after I get home and then write a thought or two in my journal. My upline is incredibly encouraging and gives me assignments each day so that I am not overwhelmed. I don't do much when my children are awake because they are so young and needy. I can often sneak a peek or two at a Stampin' Up! site while they are watching cartoons or playing outside, but I save it for the early morning.

I am glad I am chasing this dream. It's been a great decision so far and I only have more and more ideas for the future of this business. Thank you for your encouragement!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scrap Happy Too!

Please check out the new addition to my blog collection. It's on my Blog List entitled: Scrap Happy Too!

I have started a new side business and I am so excited about the company. My day job is implementing a new system and they are talking about less and less overtime. So I needed something to supplement my income. After looking for the past 6 months for a company I can work for on my schedule, I found Stampin' Up. Stampin' Up is a great way for me to use my Toastmaster skills as a teacher and leader. I am proud to say that their products are made in America and their paper is 75% post consumer recycled. I can sell the paper crafts that I make but I can also sell the products that we will use in our Workshops, Open Houses, Home Parties, and monthly Club meetings. I hear so many times that my friends have years worth of photos, love to scrapbook, but either don't have the time to do it or don't know where or how to start. I will teach wonderful new techniques and create a fun environment to showcase our talents. Even if you simply want to learn new ways to use the paper craft tools you already own, the new skills I will present will add a whole new level to your hobby!

The other point for this coming holiday season is that with the economy being so chaotic I feel that we will be more apt to make than buy gifts for our families. I will host a workshop prior to the holidays in order for us to make unique and beautiful gifts the ones we love.

See you at our next workshop!