Monday, November 23, 2009

Practice makes perfect?

Let's hope so. I did my presentation with my managers and director and went WAY over time. I did a good job and they enjoyed it, but I was freaked out that I went over time by like 10 minutes.

Then I had a scheduled speech on Thursday for Toastmasters and asked if I could practice my presentation then. I did and nailed it at 13 minutes. I rabbit trailed twice and said "And So" 17 times. YIKES. Thank goodness for good evaluators and solid help.

So Friday came and with it being Jeans Day you could definitely tell the people who were trying out for the training position as we were all dressed in business attire. I got really nervous after seeing my competition. I calmed down and reminded myself that it's up to God. I went in and nailed my presentation. I was much more nervous for the interview portion as this is very important to me and the gravity of it all came to me at that exact moment.

I should hear something this week. I keep reminding myself that it's up to God whether I get this job or not. I learned a lot during the whole process and regardless of the outcome, I really appreciate the second interview. I will let you know what I find out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's just around the corner!

What is?
Um let's see...
Hanukkah. Dec 11th
Thanksgiving Nov 26th
My Interview... THIS FRIDAY!!! Nov 20th
My pre-interview presentation (for practice) with my Director, Manager, and Manager from my sister team!!!! THIS Wednesday at 10.


I am ALMOST finished with my Power Point Presentation. I figured I would go ahead and make it with PowerPoint and print it out. Show that I can do both but just hand them the proof rather than mess with the A/V equipment that never seems to work right for anyone else.

I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. I've never actually made a PP, but it's coming together nicely and I'm thrilled.

I'm tired. I worked from 7-7 today. I came home to work some more on my presentation. In about 30 minutes I'll probably be asleep. Thanks Mom for Sleep Essentials!

Avi and the kids are at Boyscouts. It is weird coming home to a silent house. They'll be home in a few minutes. And then the silence will be over.

Just thought I'd blog about my progress. Thank you LeeLee for offering to help me with PowerPoint. You are the wiz but my schedule just never allows time for much. I figured it out.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! Miss you tons!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Great News!

I got my second interview!!! It will be on November 20th at 10:00. I will be giving a presentation on which computer best fits your needs. Laptop, tower, Mac or PC?

Needless to say, I'm a bit excited. So this weekend will consist of writing, writing and more writing. It's to be 10-15 minutes long with PowerPoint or Handouts. I prefer handouts but I realize that the training department relies heavily on PowerPoint, so it may be best if I do that. I woke up at 3:45 this morning with my mind going a million miles a minute with ideas. Not my favorite thing to do since I have a day full of work ahead of me. Oh well, a little less sleep won't kill me.

I'm almost there. Please keep me in your prayers and feel free to comment on which YOU prefer. PC or MAC: Laptop or Tower and WHY?

YAAYAYAYAAY... On cloud 9!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My own private Vent Line

Avi listens to talk radio. There is a phone line were people in Amarillo can call and vent about anything. I don't have much time to actually call but I really need to vent.

Yesterday was picture day at Lamar. Avi spent a good part of the morning helping Zee get dressed in his freshly pressed suit. Oh! Avi also went to get his hair cut the day before.

I love Western Photo cuz their prices are reasonable, so this year I splurged on the larger package.

So I call Avi yesterday morning and he said he asked the teachers when the pictures would be taken, they said for his grade, AFTER P.E.

Ok, this in't Junior High or High School where kids have locker rooms to change into P.E. clothes. So needless to say, we were a little upset.

Mom says that's what I get for putting him in public school. I think our society has simply lost common sense. It's a rare and precious thing to actually use your brain.

The moral of my rant: Skip/Postpone P.E. for one freakin' day, PICTURE DAY!

OK I feel better. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's new with Nee?

Well, I haven't posted lately. Things have been busy as always. This is a picture of me at work on my birthday. I was pretty blissful that morning as I survived a near head on collision thanks to quick thinking. A car ran a yield sign at about 50 miles an hour. If I hadn't seen him, I wouldn't have made it to work that morning. God is awesome! I swerved and jumped a curb and stepped on the gas. But boy was my heart pounding when I parked my car at work. I stopped and cried for a few minutes realizing how close I was to being with my Creator.

As some of you know, I put in my application for the training department at work. I've had my interview and I feel I did a very good job. Thanks to Toastmasters I wasn't nervous and I felt good at the end. I'm up against 18 people and if they liked my interview, they will call me sometime this week and give me a topic and I'll have some time to prepare a presentation.

We're doing the cubicle shuffle this week and trading places with another team for some strange reason. So that means packing up everything and moving a few rows over. We're going through another system conversion and that means tons of work for my department. With all the hiring that VALIC and WNL are doing here in Amarillo, we're having quite a bit of moving and shaking.

So forgive me for not posting, but things are so amazingly busy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My beautiful happy children

Here are some random pictures of my wonderful kids.

Zee at the Boyscout Spookeree event. I think he was the only boy to wear his costume.

Zee and Zippy in line at the creepy "stick your hand in the bucket and guess what it is" game.

Our beautiful Snow White in her clippy cloppy high heels.

Here is our princess "cooking" with playdough.

My gorilla and his princess in all their glory.

We make earrings with scrapbook "Zots" and buttons, pom poms and whatever else we can find.