Friday, August 20, 2010

Such a sad, mad, bad day...

Well an update: Saw the neurosurgeon today. It was frustrating. Waiting and waiting and waiting just to be told that the spinal disorder I have isn't causing my symptoms. I burst out crying right then and there. 
(poor doctor)

  6 months of agony and he doesn't know what is wrong. So he said that we'd do a CT Angiogram of my neck and brain to see if the vessels are allowing blood to flow properly. Maybe it's vascular. Maybe it's neurological. It's certainly not the syringomyelia. It's too minimal to be causing all the trouble. When I saw the MRI for myself, I could tell. It's like a small soda straw. Not like the huge masses on the websites. The neurosurgeon said that I would need to have an MRI every six months to keep checking to make sure the syrinx doesn't get bigger. (This isn't my MRI... just kind of looks like it.)

So I will get a referral to the hospital for the CT scan (really not looking forward to that at all) and another Spinal MRI. I will hear from my neurologist on Thursday about my Thyroid ultra sound and I guess she'll talk to me about my next steps. I'm hoping she'll give me an RX for a TENS machine. I'd like to at least try using it and see if it helps with the pain. The neurosurgeon DID fill out the paperwork so I can have a handicap placard. YAY for not having to walk a mile to work!!! Woohoo! But I've been crying all day. I expect way too much out of life. I get let down way too often. No one said life would be easy, but golly I've had my share of stuff. I was hoping my adult life would be "normal". I'm still waiting...


  1. I know, life sucks, but if it makes you feel any better I love you.

  2. I'm sorry. This is an awful situation, but remember you have a lot of people who love you and are praying for you :) I really hope you get some real answers (and relief) soon.

  3. Sweet girl! I understand. I have BEEN there this week myself. This week my doctor told me that "the tests were NOT God, he was NOT God, BUT we KNOW who God is and we KNOW to trust in Him". So that's what we do sister! We trust in God. We focus on the positive - you have great doctors in place that seem to really be trying to help you feel better, you got closer parking (YEA!), you have 2 beautiful & outgoing children, a supportive & loving husband, and a HUGE family that LOVES you more than you will EVER know! We are praying for you! I have learned to take it one moment at a time.