Sunday, June 28, 2009

Officer's Training June 27th 2009

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Officer's Training for Toastmasters. We have training twice a year. It was a pretty good turn out. Seems we had more people when I went to the December Training in Plainview, but this training was so informative. We got to ask some good questions and had two very good resources in our two main speakers. Last training I was VP of Education and this year I'm webmaster. I found out that I'm the only webmaster that actually has a blog and updates regularly. Hopefully this will change after this weekend. I'm excited about this coming year and hope to increase our membership. We have a Fall conference coming this October and I hope we can promote our club there as well. Toastmasters is increasing outside of the United States (and decreasing within). This was a bit disheartening. We are still the best kept secret around as most people think we drink wine and make toasts (or learn how to keep from burning toast). I'm still amazed at how many people have heard of it, but have not idea what it is or what you do. I welcome any and all of my family and friends to attend our meeting. We are an open membership club and anyone can join (not just employees at the place I work at). Thursdays at 11:45, for an hour. Email me at and I'll give you directions for our meeting place.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Great Year so far...

Today is my 2 year anniversary of getting hired on as a permanent employee (I like that word permanent) at VALIC. Two years ago my life was very weird. Avi lived alone in his apartment. The kids were in day care for many hours every day. And next week will be a full year since Avi and I came back together. It's true that you don't know what you have until it's gone. I never imagined life would be like it is today. We both value our marriage now. We took it for granted in the beginning. When we married in 2000, we figured it would be easy. Now we work to make each other happy. We don't always succeed but at least we try now. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I am sure of one thing, today is a gift from God. Marriage counseling is a good thing. A good counselor can pull issues out of the emotional mire and make you realize how human you are. I want to be married. I want to go to work every day to provide for my family. I love my husband and need his arms around me. He is my soul mate and we were created for each other.
The story that I tell people is one that a Rabbi told me. When the souls were being created and each soul was being assigned its tsuris (hurdle to overcome) this man was watching as his other half was going to be crippled. He begged and pleaded that God would let that be HIS tsuris, to save her from that life. God acquiesced and gave it to him. When it came time for the souls to be reunited, the woman who was beautiful and had lived an easy life was horrified when the matchmaker suggested this crippled man. Why me? Why should I be burdened with a man that can't walk? I want a man that is strong and able and can grow old with me. Not be old before his time. Then God opened her eyes and gave her a vision of the time of creation. She saw that the handicap was created for her and she realized how much this man loved her and would never hurt her. They married and found peace unlike those who marry because they had things in common, were equally matched, beautiful, and meshed well. I feel it is important not to judge on the outside. Who am I to expect perfection when I am so flawed an individual? I am at peace because my match is perfect for me in so many ways that I did not understand until I almost lost him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Avi and I went to Toastmasters today and gave a speech TOGETHER! It was entitled: The fine art of Negotiation. I needed a partner to help with my Advanced Communication Manual, Interpersonal Communication. At first Avi had come up with the idea to show a simple example of negotiating a business deal between a farmer and a customer in an open air market. We were haggling over the price of my geese. Unfortunately as we practiced our role-play, we could tell neither one of us knew much about buying a goose. So we put that idea in file 13 and went with something we both know and love. Computers. So my assignment was to give a 4-5 minute presentation on what it means to negotiate and the process. Then Avi and I would role-play a negotiation for 3-4 minutes. Then it would conclude with a summary of the process. I was a little nervous hoping that I would stay focused and not flub while my soul mate was in the room. When Avi came up and we started the role-play, it went beautifully. We pretended I worked at a computer store and Avi was in the market for a new laptop. He was very natural and kept the banter flowing nicely. I kept worrying about the time, so when it was over I summarized very quickly and sat down. My evaluator was very encouraging and noted that I kept my eye contact to only one side of the room. He noticed I was shying away from Avi. I was worried that I would lose my concentration when I looked at him, but during the speech I was telling myself to scan the room and make eye contact with everyone, including Avi. But I must not have listened to my own advice. It's ironic since I just wrote an article for our Toastmaster newsletter on "making eye contact". Oh well. Everyone commented on how natural Avi was in front of a crowd. He's thinking about joining my club and I think it would be loads of fun! It would be a hobby we could do together. He helped me so much and I look forward to our next collaboration.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My new favorite music!

If you type in Matt Rach and you see 15 year old guitarist, The new Canon... Please take a few minutes to enjoy his wonderful talent. His channel is awesome as well. Today's post is nothing short of beautiful.

I tried to post my favorite video, but it wasn't cooperating. Please let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Zipster

Well it's really quiet in the Deckard house. Zee with his Grandparents-Welter and Zippy left with Aunt Hester. She needed to have some fun too and Aunt Hester said that they were going to have manicures. I'm sure she's having as much fun as her big brother. Dad and I are just sitting here with our computers. We miss them both but the silence is welcome. We will love to have our happy kids back in our laps when they're done with their fun time. Love you both! Mom...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Deedlebop!!

Well, Zee is on his own vacation to Grandma and Grandpa's house. He's going to be gone for a while and I miss him already. (He's only been gone for a few hours.) He has worked very hard at school, making straight A's in the Gifted and Talented program. He's worked very hard at home, keeping his chores done and doing his best to get along with his sister. He deserves some rest and fun. I hope that he does his very best to enjoy every minute and to take as many pictures as he can! I love you Zee!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bird Adventure

By Zee and Tzipi

Bunny was our bird finder.

After that we said, There were three birds".

Then we saw the first bird. It was cute.

This bird was under the clothes.

I took a picture of me telling the bird to "come here".

Then the bird jumped. Tweet!

(Parent note: I was blogging inside when the kids asked for my camera. This was all Zee and Tzipi. They are great adventurers.)

Blake and Ethan's Pool Party!

Blake (and friend) Ethan

Me after the fun holding my neice, Sophia

The slides!


Laurie and Sara Bell

Ring around the Abba!

Intense fun!

Zee and Eema

Eema and Tzipi (Eema is aclimating to the cold)

Zee flying in the water (feeling mighty brave in 3.6 feet)

Eema wrangling the girls, Sara, Tzipi, Sophie

Aunt Hester and Tzipi

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun with the Deckards

Pretty girl eating an apple.

Abba being silly. (Zee took this picture.)

Ethan and Zee playing Dart tag at the boy's apartment.

Ethan is in the foreground and Zee is further away. (It was difficult to take pictures since they were running so fast!)

Ethan taking a break in the bushes.

Blake getting ready for the next round of Dart tag.

Spike playing Star Wars II.

Zee AND Spike playing Star Wars II.

My wild monkey!

Tzipi looks pretty in her new outfit.

Tzipi took a picture of me. The angle is kind of interesting.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Mom Rocks!

My Mom bought me a subscription to Scrapbooks ETC! I giggled like a school girl when my hubby showed me that my first magazine came today! It's the April edition which means June/July is coming soon. I have it right here next to my lap but I'm not going to open it until the kids go to sleep. And I will read every word of it! Cover to cover! I so rarely buy magazines so it's such a treat!!! Thanks MOM! You rock!