Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's been a busy May!

   This is how happy Tzipi is to be out of school! She is going to miss her friends, but she is happy to be home being her wild carefree self.

 This is my son, growing so fast! He's also thrilled to be out of school. He misses his friends already. He made Honor Roll and passed his TAKS, he didn't get in trouble at all, and I would say 3rd grade was a great success! You should see his handwriting! It's beautiful!
 We graduated from Family Counseling. The kids have made huge improvement with their emotions and behavior. I am super proud of them. This was our therapist, Ms. Barbara London. She is awesome at her job! We will all miss her!
 This is my favorite little friend, Hope. I could hold and snuggle her all day. We go over there when she's there and we just cuddle her and clip her nails since Hestee is freaked out by it. She's precious and I get my baby fix.
 As my facebook friends know, I built a swingset with the help of my little trouper, Tzipi. I couldn't have done it without her. I'm pretty dang proud of myself too.
 This was our final Sunday School this past Sunday. I will miss the fun on Sunday morning. Mrs. Adelman did a great job teaching the kids.
What the heck am I supposed to do with this grocery cart?!? My kids were playing in it this morning when our power went off. ( a guy took out a pole on 45th and Georgia and took out the power for 800+ people.) I'm freaked out that someone will get in trouble because some punk put a Wal-Mart cart on our street. Of course the kids are enamored with the thing. Tzipi had her blankets and pillows and was 'sleeping' in it. JC, our neighbor has called Wal-Mart twice about the cart, but I can tell they are really concerned, Not.

We are counting the days until Austin. I am especially. Dr. Stewart told me to stop taking my anti-viral meds, and BOY does it suck. Plus I think my thyroid is adding to the mess. I need to get clothes washed and dishes done, but it's so hot, I could care less right now.

My parents are picking the kids up from Lubbock early on the morning of the 12th. They are so excited about having the kids. They have so many fun things planned for the kids, and I have to keep my mouth shut. It is so hard. But I know it will be worth it.

Well, I have to go update my Toastmasters blog. Talk to you later! Nee

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What has Nee been up to lately?

Work, Doctors, and Toastmasters.

Let's see. We'll start with Toastmasters since that is my favorite thing. I'm doing my best to increase our membership. Today I took fliers to each break room in our building. I'm doing my best to keep the blog updated, so I'm not able to update my own as frequently. I am up to serve as VP of Membership this coming year, so I will give a campaign speech this Thursday. I even made little cards with a Tootsie Pop and a pen with my info on it, also saying "Thanks for Being A Member". (A tiny bribe never hurts.) I am supposed to go to training in Moriarty NM for learning how to be an Area Governor. If I can go with the carpool, I'll go to NM. Should be fun!

Work. I'm working hard. Some days are easier than others. What else can I say?

I'll be going with Leelee to Austin with the kids in tow this time. We'll visit Dr. Stewart and then visit some of the fun places together with the kiddos.
I'm going back to Dr. Usala this Friday because my thyroid is acting up. I think some of the symptoms I thought were being treated with my anxiety meds, are actually my thyroid begging for attention. So we're going talk about that on Friday and hope for some solid answers.
As much as I loved the pain management, Dr. Paige has decided since I can't have a rhysotomy (cauterize the nerve), he doesn't want to continue the nerve blocks. I still wish I could go back to get my back done too. My insurance won't pay for the rhysotomy.

Zee and Tzip are thrilled that school is almost over. They are sweethearts. We watched Megamind last night. What a cute movie! We had a blast in Littlefield this weekend. If I can just get the swingset put together, I'll be set for the year!