Sunday, February 27, 2011

windy firey onery day

Wind makes every one anxious. Even the kids. They are especially onery today. I got a lot accomplished today and enjoyed some nice quiet time alone. The house isn't 100 percent, but its better and better each time I do things.

I have a large table in my room and I was going to fold it up and put it away, but I think I will leave it up for the time being and use it to fold clothes. That might be a better solution than using the bed or sofa.

I made some yummy brownies, but can't eat them till we eat dinner. Bummer. You guys know I'd rather eat them first.

I miss blogging.

I'm using my phone.

I got new glasses. I will pick them up on Friday.

Ok. Gotta go make dinner.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update: February news..

I gotta take a shower here in a minute, but I wanted to blog real quick.

On Friday I went to see Dr. Gentry. The cyst in my spine has grown longer, but not any wider. So surgery isn't an option (which is good, cuz it's a risky one). I told him that I'm in a lot of pain, so he said he would refer me to a pain specialist. I'm hoping that we're able to deal with the pain, and soon.

I have been walking every day. I even walked to Leelee's house. I'm trying to get stronger so I can handle the issue with my spine better.

Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick (all the people at work are sick) so I took the nasty spray that the doctor wants me to take (I've been avoiding it for about a week) and I took it yesterday. BOOM! That stuff works. It doesn't taste as bad refrigerated but golly it's nasty.

Zee made the newspaper here in Amarillo cuz he made the A-B honor roll. He was so excited! We are so proud of him!

Tzipi got to have a play date yesterday. The girls had so much fun! They had a hard time parting ways.

I have struck and awesome deal with my sister Hadassah and I'm so excited for pay day! I am going to get a Queen size bed AND find a home for my antique bed all at once! Baruch HaShem!

Avi is thrilled to be thatching again. He is looking forward to cramming as much work in as possible.

Well, I love you all. Gotta go clean the cat box and take a shower. (in that order) Peeeyooo!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

News From the Deckard Tribe

My Shabbat dishes are waiting to be washed (we used them last night) but I wanted to show my makeshift china cabinet. I wanted to keep my special things in one place. Now our items (Seder plate, challah cover, challah board and knife, shabbat candles, havdalah candles, Zee's Torah scroll...)  are easily accessed and it makes the room look nice. I will post another picture on Facebook with my beautiful blue dishes once they are all washed. *(you can see the bowls in the corner on the second shelf.)

I've had a chance to enjoy some of Rabbi Lazer's teaching. His You Tube channel is awesome. If you look below, you'll see the link to my favorite Niggun (spiritual melody) right now. Even though Lazer is incredibly talented with song writing and playing music, his friend Shlomo Katz wrote this beautiful song.

Azariah is prepping for his TAKS test. Such a bunch of hooey if you ask me. But don't get me started.  Zee is having a play date right now and he's having a blast.

Tzipporah is growing so fast. She is so good at numbers and she loves to write all her family's names down. She made her own "heart day" cards for school, she decorated them and wrote everyone's names in them AND signed all of them (17 in all). 

 This may not be very exciting, but I am so proud of this! My spice cabinet is completely organized. I bought new lining as well. I have to do one small project at a time.

Now an update on my health.

Dr. Stewart took me off birth control. He put me on progesterone. I'm still on the Anti-Viral meds, B-12, cellular repair supplement, liquid vitamins, super foods and this nasty spray that boosts the immune system. I am slightly freaked out about not being on birth control. But it's not helping the viral neuropathy issues I'm having.

I had a weird relapse a few weeks ago. My left side was weakened again. So with the ice and snow, I went back to using my cane.

I'm starting to feel a bit stronger, but my spine is really causing me problems. I went in for a Thoracic MRI last week and I go see my neurosurgeon, Dr. Gentry. I am trying really hard not to take pain meds, but I'm at a constant pain level 7 without it. Then if I do anything like laundry, cleaning, sitting doing scrapbooking or sewing, I shoot up to a pain level 9. It's quite the challenge and I'm not sure what to do. Surgery doesn't always solve the problem. Dr. Stewart says that the progesterone will strengthen me and act as a natural steroid. So if I can strengthen my core, I think it might help deal with the pain issues. I will post an update of what Dr. Gentry says.

I only got the progesterone from Austin (made at a compound pharmacy, to Dr. Stewart's specifications) and I have only been on it for a week.

I really want to try and eat better. I eat way too much junk at work. I could do better. I miss the days when we were vegan. I did so much research to keep us healthy, complex carbohydrates and protein and iron and all that good stuff. I need to make the time to do this, but Avi is the cook, so I keep things simple. Simple and healthy? Not so much. He is always willing to do new things, so I am going to see what we can do.

 I splurged and bought myself this magazine. I haven't read it yet, but I'm so excited to.

And last but not least... We went from a timing belt replacement to needing a new engine. We decided to put more into the Escort since it's paid off and it's the type of car that can be quickly and "cheaply" maintained. Unlike our Taurus that is mainly computerized. So we paid our mechanic in order to replace the engine and he says he will be finished with it on Friday. So we will have 2 cars again! Praise God! YAY!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wow! Snowpocolypse...

It was worth the chaotic trip to Austin, but golly GEE!

This is what winter means to most people. A sad tiny snowman.

But this is what I will always think of when I remember this trip to NeuroSensory Center in Austin


I definitely enjoyed being with Leelee and learning about the roads to and from Amarillo to Austin.

See here we are having a good time shopping. Totally oblivious that we were on our way to ICELAND!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... learned more about things that are messing with my health. The relapse I had was due to lack of progesterone. So once I get home I'll be taking that. I also have a bunch of new things to add to my health supplements. So we're cutting off some meds and changing to others.

Then we got stuck in Abilene. It took 9 hours at 25 miles an hour from Austin to Abilene. We've been in this beautiful tiny hotel room since I forget when. I do know that it is Friday. I know that the weather will be 50 degrees on Saturday.

And this is why we have stayed in Abilene:

Ice Ice Ice...

If I never see another ice cube again, it will be too soon.

When things get a bit smoother, I can write more about the trip, but I wanted to at least let you know. I am so ready to be home. God willing, we will be home soon!