Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This is a social media contest. Share my NORWEX FB page with your Social Media connections and win a free Norwex Dusting Mitt! Go to Facebook and like my page: Janine's Real Clean. Share it with all of your favorite Social Media outlets. Then comment on this post and let me know how many places you've shared it with. For each share, you'll be entered to win a dusting mitt.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Working from home

Educating kids: Most teachers work 40 hours at least. With our schooling we are 24-7.
Keeping the house clean. That alone is a full time job.
I'm writing a book. Every free minute I have; I'm writing.
A small business: Selling Norwex. I share on social media, book parties, demonstrate product whenever I can, use it, share it, love it!
Making time for fun: This doesn't come naturally. It takes work.

One of these days this will be just a memory. Digging deep to find the joy is really important.

I want my kids' memories to be full of joy and overcoming challenges.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Silly days


My days have been weird lately. I have big goals but lately allergies have been so bad I'm stuck with a roll of toilet paper and waiting for the medicine to kick in. 
I'm enjoying the cooler weather and we have chickens, so I find myself less interested in being inside. But work beckons. 
I am writing everyday. My book will get written. It will be published. Just a little bit everyday. Just like my business. Do 1 thing every day. Eventually I'll get my groove back. I'm just all over the place lately.