Monday, August 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle again...

That's right folks... after a rough night's sleep and the alarm failing to go off and being awakened by my lovely husband, I got ready in a daze and made it off to work. I've been in a fog all day, but I got work done. I even went to the bank to get some bank stuff done. Sore, tired, but glad to be back to 'normal'.
Tomorrow after work I go to the hospital for the ultra sound on my neck. I'm sure it will be quick and I'll get to go home earlier than normal on a Tuesday. 
I'm listening to a very pleasant book. "An Irish Country Village" by Patrick Taylor. It's like "All Creatures Great and Small", only it's with people instead of animals. I'm enjoying it very much. I didn't want to leave my desk for dread of missing anything in this book. Like Ireland meets Grey's Anatomy or Boston MED.

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