Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crafts are fun!

 I had so much fun making this plate for Rosh Hashanah. I was nervous about writing on the curve, worried that it would get weird and bleed and be illegible, but it turned out pretty good. It's challenging to write on a curve. Thank you Leelee for taking us to go paint. Mommies rarely go and do things like this, so thanks for mandatory Family Fun!

I'm looking forward to the New Year 5772! Things are getting exciting, people are starting to wake up from their deep sleep.
I gave Tzipi my skirt and I took it in so she could wear it. I love the fabric because it's vintage ladies with poodles! Tzniut and loving it!
We had some left over and we didn't want to waste any, so we made a scrunchie!

My next goal is to make a new cover for my lamp before my birthday. It's made from a paper lantern (torn now) and I think could probably make something even better with what I have around the house. Stay tuned and we'll see how it turns out.

What do you want to see on my blog? It's hard to get interested in blogging when no one reads it. Facebook seems to be replacing the blog whether I like it or not. It's just a lot easier to upload to Facebook.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I love these straw flowers. They are still as bright and colorful as the day I bought them at the farmer's market. I only wish a. that I had a car b. that I didn't have to work so I could go to the farmer's market again. Oh well, next week maybe.

I have my own praying cat! Yay!

This isn't my picture, but dang its cute!

Monkeys are the best!

Maybe I'm weird, but I love my hubby's toes. Each one has a little fur coat. I like being married to a furry guy. He's all mine. :-)

This is my precious girl that LOVES watermelon.

Here's my Captain America.

Long time no talk to...

I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages. It's been a busy month.

I'm having a blast with Toastmasters right now. I won't bore you with all the details.

Here's a silly joke:

An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to
her and said, "Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike up a
 conversation with your fellow passenger."

 The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total
 stranger, "What would you want to talk about?"

 " Oh, I don't know," said the atheist. "How about why there is no God, or no
 Heaven or Hell, or no life after death?" as he smiled smugly.

 "OK," she said. "Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a
 question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass.
 Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but
 a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?"

 The atheist, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence, thinks
 about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea."

 To which the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss
 why there is no God, or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after death, when you
 don't know crap?"

 And then she went back to reading her book.