Friday, July 30, 2010

A good friend...

 My friend Corina came up to me and said she needed to ask me something, so could I walk with her to the break room. I did. She was all serious and stuff. She said," I was debating whether I should ask you or if I should ask Avi". She knows how difficult it is to get housework done (especially the deep cleaning I've needed to do for a while) when you feel so yucky. She offered to clean my house. But she wanted to make sure Avi would be OK with her being there. I figured he could take the kids somewhere and we could work on the house. I haven't heard from Avi about what his plans are, but I am just so grateful to have such an awesome friend. She is an awesome person and people don't often give her a chance. She is so special and has such a big heart. I love her so much. Thank you Corina!

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