Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pat on the back

Work had an interesting feel to it today. We were told to make containers of some sort at the beginning of August. We had small squares of paper where we would write something nice about a co-worker and place it in their respective box. I made my box out of a tissue box and played with decoupage.

Well then today, we got an email telling us that we had until 5:00 today to finish with our "pats-on-the-back". People all over the floor were stuffing papers into everyone's boxes all day long. Then there's the feeling that someone put a note in your box and you feel obligated to return the favor. Thankfully, everyone that put a note in my box (that I saw) had one from me already in theirs. I got the feeling right away that it was about how many you gave, as opposed to how many got the most. I'll hopefully know for sure tomorrow (as we were not allowed to look at the notes all month long.)

It was a fun feeling, kind of like a holiday... even though it's just bits of paper and ink. I look forward to seeing the notes finally.

I remembered we did something similar to this a couple years ago, but it kind of backfired. Back then they said that it had to be work only related and job specific. Well only a few team leads got the bulk of the praise. Us newbies rarely helped anyone, but needed all the help. They didn't keep it so strict this time and it worked out much better. I think everyone got SOMETHING in their boxes this time.

Stay tuned for more...

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  1. We used to do that at school. At first it was nice, but then it seemed people just put anything in and it got to be boring and mundane, then we stopped doing it. I hope you get all sweet things written about you.