Monday, October 10, 2016

Why Norwex is the future of clean...

We often hear people talk about storing up water, food, and necessities in case of emergency. With Hurricanes and a nervous country, now more than ever, we need to think about preparing for the future. If you don't have money or gas to get to the store, how will you get cleaning supplies? 

Being clean and staying clean will be a priority. I totally believe that with Norwex, we'll be able to clean things without soap or chemicals. 

Body cloths remove dirt, oils, and bacteria with only water. If you can only clean with water, Norwex will work for you. You can rest assured that your surfaces will be clean and that your body will be clean. Order today! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I just want a Window Cloth please...

It's an amazing cloth.

You see what it can do and you want to have it, right?

 But it would be like having Robin come and rescue you when you really need Batman.

It's the dynamic duo, but without the Envirocloth, you might be disappointed.

The Envirocloth is like the first volley in a war. The soldiers come and clear the area and prepare for the medics.

If you have a dirty and greasy surface, you need the Envirocloth to come and clean up the mess and THEN the Window cloth can polish and remove streaks.

Is there ever a time you can use a Window Cloth on its own? YES! After a hot shower- it is IDEAL on a foggy mirror.

The Envirocloth can dust. DRY. The static is still there.

The Envirocloth WET- It can remove all dirt from a surface. Bird poop? YES! There is very little that the Envirocloth can't tackle.

But when it comes to removing water streaks, fingerprints, and basic water spots- the WINDOW CLOTH IS KING! It's also called the Polishing Cloth! It is awesome on stainless steel.

So order yours today! ------>Click Here!