Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day Two

 We started out this morning with a President's breakfast. It was a great session and I learned a lot! I will have lots to bring back to my club next week and the following months.
 But the girls and I decided we would regret it if we came all this way and just spend every minute in Toastmasters. So we found a great outlet store and found some amazing deals!!!
 Look at the mountains in the background! There's snow on the caps.
 I can't remember how many times I got lost or disoriented in this hotel. TOO BIG! The courtyards are pretty but not my favorite thing for going to and from my room.
 During lunch we got to see all of the accomplishments of the district. Richard and Sharon Owens, Me, and Becky Bane were four of the five Raiging Toastmasters present at this years conference.
 We won a Banner Raid ribbon for our banner!
 This is the certificate for participation in the District Level International Speech Competition.

Since this is a competition, you can't have photography during the speeches (too distracting) so Becky took my picture next to the lectern after my speech. I chose the last speech slot, so I got a chance to listen to all five speakers before I gave my speech. I made a lot of people cry. The funniest thing is that I didn't do a lot of schmoozing with people I didn't know. But as soon as I did my speech, LOTS of people wanted to stop and ask me questions. 
The interviewer had a strange sense of humor and thought it would be funny to use an Anti-Semitic joke during my interview. I tried to just let it pass, but it upset a lot of the audience, which made me feel better. They came up and apologized to me for her. 

They took professional pictures, so when I get them off of the district website, I'll get those posted as well. Becky was taking pictures to the side while the pros were making us look away. The guy on the far right is Merv Jersak. He spoke about his father and even spoke Czechoslovakian during his speech. He placed Second. John Friesinger spoke about his little girl learning how to ride her bike. He has competed many many times and always won second. This is the first time he's placed First. Congrats John.

I have definitely learned alot from this process. I can say that I've done my best. There isn't anything I would have changed about my speech. Not one thing.

There was a gentleman with a cleft palate in the audience. He didn't speak to me until after my speech, and then we talked a lot. So if my speech was only for him, it was worth it. Trophies gather dust and mean little in the grand scheme of things, but if he was touched... I won first place.

Thank you to all that helped me get to this conference and who cheered me on, attended my contests and practice speeches. This has been a great weekend.

Now off to dream land! Amarillo by mornin'...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Day 1

The Adventure begins...

This terrain is beautiful. The rocky hills and mountainous skyline brings back many happy memories. New Mexico is definitely special to me.

We stopped in Cline's Corner and I got a couple surprises for the kids. I found some more incense for my collection and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

The travel itself was a bit hectic. The wind was blowing terribly, and without trees or buildings, it was really challenging to drive through. I was a passenger, mind you, but my window screamed loudly and was annoying to all.

Now, we're just resting and playing with our computers. Dinner will be in an hour and we'll get all dressed up and become Toastmasters. :-)

I will do my best to update my blog as much as I can. Love you!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I won!!!

I won! Can you believe it?! Club, Area, Division... WOW! I wanted to get this far, but I wasn't sure it would happen. My club helped me so much with polishing my speech. I've learned so much from competing.

1. You can love your speech and hate your speech at the same time.
2. Too much practice can be a bad thing.
3. Once you are on the stage, all the help in the world can't express it like you can.
4. Speaking from the heart is easier than speaking what you don't know.
5. New people in the audience are good. Practicing to the same audience is extremely challenging.
6. It's better to show the audience than describe your scene. Less is more.
7. Winning isn't everything, but it sure feels great!

Now I have 2 weeks to prepare for Santa Fe! I'll be competing with Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.
I hope it all works out smoothly. It's been amazing so far. Our Creator is awesome and has given us so many opportunities to succeed if we just walk through the doors He opens for us. Thank you Sir for caring about us so very much!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Laptop

I checked with my computer guy. I paid my 85 dollars. He fixed it, but now he's running a system's check to make sure that the computer programs still work with the hardware fix.

My friend should be going to New Mexico this weekend and she'll bring it back with her on Monday the 18th.

I've waited this long... a little bit longer won't be bad.

It's worth it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's pray for another Miracle! K?

From my blackberry: ok... So curious minds want to know about my laptop. Well, I talked with my friend and this is what she told me. Her brother lives in a small town around here and word got out after he promised God a portion of his business, and BOOM... Let's just say he is one busy guy. He looked at my laptop and said that the damage is severe and at first didn't think he would be able to fix it. Then he looked at his supplies and he has the same make and model of my laptop with a ruined hard drive. SO... The story isn't over. I'm waiting to hear about an estimate and then with a bit more intervention from the Supreme Being, I should have my laptop back. So diligence and patience will pay off in the long run. God is good! He cares about even our least important hopes. In the long run, my laptop is only a tool, but it is a well loved and much used tool that I miss very much.

Please pray for my computer repairman's success and well being.

Thank you,


Friday, April 1, 2011

FINALLY Frazzleberry!!!

 Frazzleberry is an interesting concept for a frozen yogurt shoppe.
I wouldn't have even thought to stop had it not been for my friend from Toastmasters that goes practically any time he can.

Leelee took us for dinner snack and it was so yummy! You need to have patience and be OK in a crowd of people. But let me tell you it's worth it! I can't see myself going all the time like my friend does, but it is definitely fun and yummy.
 Tzipi had so much fun. Of course her eyes were bigger than her tummy, but knowing that it's frozen yogurt, made it easier for me to let her HAVE AT IT!

Star Doll on Facebook!

 I am so addicted to StarDoll on Facebook. It's like Project Runway and PaperDolls and Dollhouse all rolled into one! You can find plenty of "hoochy mama" stuff, but my challenge is to find modest clothes that make me happy. It takes a bit to learn all the ins and outs of having a free membership (you have limited play when its free). But it's so much fun, that I don't mind. Being stuck in bed, it gives me the perfect opportunity to try everything I want to try.

 It is a very International game. Girls (and boys too) play from all over the world. I'm sure designers love it because you can find some OUT THERE stuff.
 I stick with Kosher Attire. Longer skirts, blouses that cover the collar bones and the elbows. If I can't find the right length, I have tights. And if the sleeves aren't long enough, that's what layers or shawls, or sweaters or coats are for.

 Of course there is a hint of fantasy that we all enjoy now and then. Hundreds of shoes, outlandish fabric... all the things you'd love to wear if people weren't so mean.
 Then there's the celebrity dolls you can dress up. That's fun too. Their wardrobes are specific to their personality and that's really cool.
You also have a suite to design and decorate. You can design your own fabric and create clothing and furniture for your room.

The sad thing is that I wish there was a way that I could get extra coins because I blogged about it. :-)

Oh well. I just really enjoy it! Try it out.