Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clean=Stress Free

I know you all understand that when the house is a mess it's really hard to relax. I'm the same way.

I thought I'd think of something fun...
1. To go to Palo Duro Canyon and enjoy nature (on a cool day).
2. To have a kid-free time when I feel good to make cards and scrapbook.
3. To have individual time with each kid, where the other kid is doing something they enjoy as well.
4. To eat my mom's meatloaf, peas and mashed potatoes.
5. To get to go to the shooting range with my Hubby.
6. To hug Hans again. (and get puppy kisses all over my face).
7. To spend special time with my Mom (sans kids), Tina (with my kids, John and Baby2) and Linda (sans Kids).
8. To go to the movies with my Hubby.
9. To get the entire collection of Laurie Kings' Sherlock Holmes series in paperback.
10. A real massage. (maybe it would hurt too much, but these are wishes... we're gonna pretend it feels great!)

Everything I need, I have. But it's fun to dream about free time and extra fun.

Oh look at that! It's raining! I love rain!

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  1. Nice post and wishing is good. I hope they all come true.