Friday, July 9, 2010


I wanted to post an update really quickly before I get ready for work.

Avi took the kids to the doctor for their annual checkups and while he was there I asked him to ask Dr. M about my MRI results. So while I was at work, the nurse called me and said, Your Brain Scan MRI came back clean. I said, That's great, except I couldn't walk on Sunday, so there is still something wrong. She said, OK let me ask Dr. M. So Dr. M gets on the phone and I explain what happened on Sunday. So then he said that I should just keep my appointment with the Neurologist. I said, I don't have an appointment with a Neurologist. They never made one because you wanted me to try Physical Therapy. He said, Oh... OK well, I'll get one for you. So that's where I am. (I still don't have an appointment.)

It was just a brain MRI. So if there's something wrong with my neck or back, we are as clueless as we were. Why they didn't just cover all the bases, I don't know. I'm just patiently waiting. If the excuse is expense, wouldn't it save my insurance more money to do one complete scan as opposed to multiple ones? Just sayin'.

I was inducted as President for Toastmasters last night. We had a good time at Pacific Rim. Golly was I tired when I got home. I had a blast at Toastmasters at lunch too. Work? Lame. Toastmasters (the real reason I can stand work.)

We babysat a friend's dog this past weekend and she brought me the most beautiful handmade scarf and brought Avi a Colorado baseball cap. How sweet was that!?

Zee and Tzip had shots yesterday. Zee has scoliosis. I'm not too freaked out, cuz my chiropractor said I have it too. I'm going to see if I can find a chiropractor that takes medicaid and maybe help him with his headaches and at the same time, encourage less back pain. Tzip is perfectly healthy and so is Zee. Nothing to worry about. Baruch Hashem!

Well, my laptop's battery is getting dangerously low, so I need to go plug her back in. Hope you all have a splendid Friday!

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  1. CALL your doctor today about your appointment with the Neurologist! Stay on them until they get you the appointment...and when the appointment time comes if it is not within the next week or so then call the Neurologist and see if you can be put on a cancellation list to see the doctor sooner. If you need me to I can call!! I had to go through this with my Dad and you have to stay on is a major pain but to get answers sometimes you have to be a little pushy!!