Monday, July 26, 2010

UPdate: Bear With Me...

Hi. I went to the Neurologist today. It pays to be a squeaky wheel. If you ask to be bumped up for any cancellations, it really does work! Rather than waiting until August 23rd, I got in today!

OK. So after being asked a million questions and answering them all, I have lab work, 3 MRIs (totaling 3 hours) on Tuesday night and a nerve test for 4 hours on Wednesday.

She poked me with a needle all over the place. I didn't feel most of it on my back or my left side. So she thinks I have a lesion on my spinal cord. I've lost some vision in my right eye. She thinks it could be MS. But we'll have some real answers after all the testing. I have a follow up with the Dr. on Monday August 2nd.

My favorite part was the salt water tank in the waiting room. The fish were playing in the sand. It was so much fun to watch. There was a white fish that hiding behind the filter. The clown fish seemed really aggressive and ornery. I've never seen tank fish play in the sand. I could watch them for hours.


  1. I'm still hoping it is NOT MS, or anything so drastic. I am hoping they will find some tiny little thing that can be treated with medication and/or therapy in some way.
    I enjoyed our time together so much, and can't wait for our next get-to-gether ---whenever that might be. Love Ya! Eema

  2. I too am praying for you and hope to get some answers that medication or therapy can treat. Love you all bunches.

  3. One moment at a time!! I am glad you were able to get in earlier. Randy and I are praying for relief, answers, and rest for you. We love you and are here for you!