Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fresh is good!

... So I come on my blog to see that my favorite place for free backgrounds is going through some changes. I tried to change my background, not so easy. I think the "cutest blog on the block" site might be under construction or something. Well, I decided to try the Blogger Designer. Let me say, I LOVE IT! So much fun! Blogger has come a long way baby! What do you think? I feel like going to an open air market today. That is why I chose this background. Get ready for some fun! Gonna change it often!
Being President is fun! Try it some time. Not the whole white house thing. YUCK! No, being a club president is a blast. I remember having a club when I was 9 and I was the president. It was fun way back then. Back when I was 9, it was about bossing the neighborhood kids around. Today it's about organizing and making sure that my club has everything it needs. I don't really have to DO anything. I just make sure other people are doing their job and have what they need to do their jobs. I felt all grown up today at our first Officer's Meeting during my term as president.
I do have to say that now that I reminisce about my time as club president when I was 9, that we did do some awesome things. We were the "Clean Up Crew" and we organized ourselves to ride around the neighborhood and clean things up. We had a treasurer and we would ask our Dad's for change, pool our resources and after a hard day at the park, picking up litter, we'd take our bikes to the 7-11 and buy candy and drinks for a reward! Not too bad, now that I think about it.
If I could get paid to be a Toastmaster, I'd quit my job today and do Toastmastery things all day. Give public speeches, attend meetings, write books, newsletter articles, and have a blast doing it all! There was a couple in Lubbock who were the International Presidents of Toastmasters. I wonder how they got to do it. It's only a year though. I need a gig that will last longer than a year.


  1. LOVE IT! It's colorul and really cute!

  2. I noticed yesterday when I looked at your blog, that at the top it said something to the effect "your blog design will no longer be available after ??? (date)" I guess that was yesterday. I do like the new look and if you want your own, we can design you one like I did for Toastmasters.