Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stinky cane

Thankfully our next door neighbor had a cane I could borrow. It's stinky. I'm hoping to make a cover for the handle so my hand doesn't smell like cigarettes. I used it yesterday, but it hurt to use it. I don't want to fall on my face, so I'm going to use it. 

The kids had a blast this weekend. Linda took Tzipi to Wonderland with Kamille, Mallory and Samantha. She had a blast. When I asked her what she did, she said she rode on chocolate rides and it rained on her. With further prodding she said that the log ride made water fall down and got her wet. She knows how much I love chocolate, so she always embellishes her stories with chocolate to make them more interesting. 
Then their babysitter, Christine, took them to Despicable Me and Toys R Us. They had so much fun and were so excited when they came home. Tzipi ran straight for my bed and told me all about her fun. Zee was talking a mile a minute and had to tell me about his favorite parts of the movie. 

Thank you so much for taking them to have fun. I really appreciate our family so much. 
I love you all. Nee

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