Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Physical Therapy

I went to my first physical therapy session today. It was good and hurty. First the PT started with massaging my neck and she did that very slowly and carefully for 30 minutes. It hurt pretty bad but she was barely touching me. The awesome part was when she put a full length back and neck hot pad and then put this fabulous machine on my neck and back. Oh how I wish I had one of these here at home. It was terrific! It felt like weird ants crawling under my skin. My doctor only gave permission to do PT on my neck, so the rest of me still hurts like the dickens, but my neck feels pretty good. Wish they could put the TENS machine on each of my joints. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation... SO 
Pain management... day one: awesomerific! (My new favorite word from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends).

Work: Lame. Boring. All I could think about was coming home and doing card making/scrap booking. It's getting to the point it where I really don't like my job. But God never said we'd like toil. 6 days He worked and on the 7th He rested. OK. I'll stop kvetching.

Kids: Adorable and precious as ever. Tzipi keeps pressing the CAPS LOCK button while I'm typing, and Zee is pretending to grow a beard. He's grunting and squinting. Good luck with that, son. Oh no, now Tzipi is trying to grow a beard. YIKES!

Avi: I cut his hair last night. Not too bad.


  1. I pray you get some relief!!

  2. I love that machine too. I had it both times I had to have physical therapy. It kind of feels like being popped with a rubber band, but sure helps the pain.

  3. Annette from across the street in Roswell had a TENS unit. Why can't they prescribe one for you? Just a thought.

    Going to other house to scrap while dad preps for meeting tonight.