Wednesday, June 30, 2010

His Guess VS. My Guess...

OK... So I'm at home. It's 4 in the afternoon. I don't feel good. I'm in bed.

I went to my doctor after calling the physical therapist. She said that I shouldn't be feeling the way I feel after my PT session. I might feel soar, but not severe pain, consistent pain all over plus eye pain. It feels like my eyes are pulsating and light hurts. So I went to my doctor.

I think I made him mad. So his guess at my diagnosis: Fibromyalgia. I disagree simply because doctors like to call everything they can't diagnose Fibromyalgia.

I want an MRI. Prove to me that these black spots in my right eye, pain in the back of my skull, loss of feeling on one side of my body at a time, difficulty remembering things, knees just giving out whenever they want to, pain throughout my body, eye pain, mixing up my words, fatigue... the list could go on... isn't something more serious.

I am having an MRI on Friday at 8pm. Maybe it is the F word. Just prove me wrong. The doctor was wrong about having a pinched nerve.


  1. So sorry you are still having all your pain and that the doctor is not listening to you. Hopefully the MRI will help.

  2. This just STINKS! Praying for you sister!

  3. Terrible, I hate when Dr.'s are so quick to diagnose something without doing adequate tests to figure it out. Hopefully the MRI will give you more answers.