Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 4

(I thought this site was interesting...)

I wasn't feeling great today and when I took my medicine to help with the pain, I got terribly sleepy. So in spite of that, I had a good day. 

I had my Toastmaster's meeting today and even gave a speech! I have missed about 4 meetings and in Toastmaster time, that's a long time. The presentation went over well. It was my first time to cover my head and give a speech. I have minutes of trepidation, but they pass as far as what people might think or say... Prayer time this morning was wonderful. Zee came in and was listening to my prayer. He said, Eema, you used to wake up and do Yoga early in the morning and now you Pray. Prayer is better. It's strange how one day I have great Torah study and have a struggle to pray and another day I'll have great prayer and struggle to study. I guess as long as I keep trying they'll mesh. :-)

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