Friday, April 30, 2010

Blackberry is my favorite flavor!

I know it's not 3G and it's not an iPhone, but I love it just the same. Now Avi's phone is on my plan too. Thanks to Linda for helping him for so long.

I haven't quite figured out all that my phone can do. I have a "don't be bored" app, a Pandora Internet radio app, and my email and Facebook. It's fun to get updates through out the day.

The camera is very nice. I just need to get a Micro SD that will work with my Blackberry so I can take and keep more than 10 pictures.

I love getting free wallpaper photos and changing my background on a regular basis. I have a picture of Sweden right now and I've had a few pictures of Paris and Italy. It helps my pass the time to see pictures of beautiful places.

UPDATE: This just in... Linda and Kevin got tires for my bike! As soon as Avi gets it put together, I will be riding in style. WHITE WALLED and everything! Love it! Thank you!

I have been officially nominated for President for the July-June 2010 Toastmaster's term. I'm looking forward to learning more about leadership. I know I could learn a lot more about leadership.


  1. It was so cute yesterday after we picked up Tzipi, just out of the blue she said, "Mom likes blackberries." For a minute I thought she was talking about actual berries and then I remembered your phone. I'm not sure Tzipi knows the difference though. Glad you are enjoying it and hope Avi gets your bike going for you.

  2. God is so good to us. I'm so happy for you. I pray huge blessings on Kevin and Linda for all they do for you. God reaches through such special people to bless my little girl and her precious family. Enjoy your bike and don't forget to blog when it's back in commission. Hugs, your mama!