Monday, April 5, 2010

Doesn't it look great?

OK, so maybe it's not Pottery Barn, but I am happy. I could have shelled out a bunch of money for those fancy cloth boxes that are so popular or the wicker baskets that are all the rage but these are my KIDS we're talking about. Plastic maybe an environmental nightmare, but we're using them because they are cheap and long lasting. (Even cheaper than $ Tree. 94 cents at Wallyworld with a lid!!)

And here are some of my favorite moments with my baby girl and her favorite thing in the whole world: tiny DOGS!

(She told me she was whispering to the puppy here...)

See how cute I could be with a puppy of my own?

I need him.

How close can I possibly get to this puppy?

Puppy smell is the best!

Petting puppies is so awesome!


  1. Tzipi is an animal lover. Some of my favorite photos from Three Falls Cove are those of her with the kittens on the porch. It's such a sweet gentle side of her. The shelves look great too.

  2. Loverly my dear. You have the organizing, spring, bug thing that women "used" to get! It's all about a clean nest and a happy brood. If mama is happy, everyone is happy.

    Why is it that kids fall in love with the one pet they can't have? It's because they can't have it!

    You loved rhinos, should I have gotten a rhino to make you happy?

    Smiles everyone, mama is happy with a clean house and no rhinos!

    Oh, love the new background too. Very French