Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tzipi's School Program

She sang two songs, "going on a bear hunt" and a song about the alphabet. She did a very good job and didn't try to jump off the stage until the end. I'm very proud of her. Such a pretty girl! I was competing to get good pictures with other parents, so I ended up with only three pictures.


  1. I think she is the CUTEST girl there!

  2. I should have gone. I thought it was just a parent meeting. I wonder if Tzipi would have "locked" down if the whole gang would have come? Next time tell me sooner so I can schedule going. Sorry we missed it. I agree with Tina, Tzipi is the most beautiful.

  3. I love that little Tzippy! I wish I were close enough to attend things like that. But, I'm glad you post on the blog so I can at least see her. I'm glad to hear she followed instructions and cooperated - completing the performance before jumping off the stage.