Sunday, April 18, 2010

My cheap bike

I had a fun time last weekend when I was out and about. I saw this sign in this nice neighborhood for a garage sale. Right away I saw a bike. I was so excited. 5 dollars. It was a bit rusty and I'm a little worried about the brakes, but I called my Dad and from what we could tell, this was a good deal. Today I went to Wal-mart for inner tubes and I found a new seat, handle bars and a round basket for my cell phone. Once Avi gets my inner tubes replaced, I'll get to ride and see how bad the brakes are. There's a bike repair place in the neighborhood, so hopefully even if they need to be replaced, I still won't spend what it would have cost for a brand new bike. 

I'm still looking for a bike for Mr. Avi. Hopefully I can find a good deal for him as well.

Zee learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels, so it should be loads of fun to ride as a family.

I should get my Blackberry phone tomorrow. I've been tracking it through FedEx. 

Robert Benmosche will be in Amarillo this week. He's the CEO of AIG. Even though our company isn't AIG, we are still under the umbrella. It's a huge honor for him to come to our little company. I'm a bit excited.


  1. I like your bike. I was just thinking of bringing Ethan's back to my house so we could ride together in the afternoon. Maybe we should make it a family afair.

  2. When we lived in Germany I rode my bike all the time. There were great bike paths all through the country - on the sides of the roads - not in the same place the cars drive. There were also bike paths through all the forrests. I had one of those seats on the back for Laurie to ride in and a basket on front for my groceries. We would bike through the forrest, meet Lance for lunch and have picnics. One day as we were riding along Laurie said, "Mommie, where is Hansel's and Gretal's house?" I had to explain that it was only a story and that they were not really there in the forrest. It was so cute!

    I had not ridden a bike in many years, and two years ago Lance got me a new pink bike for Mother's Day. I rode it a few times, but it has been parked now for a long time. I'm planning to get it out and start riding again. I'm a lot older, and now I have a cart on back for two kids to sit in (Sophie and Sara). I think I will have a harder time riding now that I am older, fatter, and don't have a beautiful forrest to enjoy.