Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My turn!

My Mom posted a really sweet blog post about how much she missed me. Well, it's my turn. My Mom is lots of fun. I miss her a lot. I love her so much!
If I can say one thing, my parents are wonderful grandparents. They never miss an opportunity to love their grandbabies. I know it's hard for them to come visit, but my Mom always tries to send boxes of fun for the kids and encouragement through emails, text messages, phone calls, Facebook posts, you name it! And my Mom even does extra stuff on Facebook games for Zee and Zippy. Oh, and Webkinz too. How many grammas play video games for their grandkids? My Mom does!
My Mom and I were together all the time when I grew up. I doubt most people get to know their moms as well as I know mine. My Mom's heart is bigger than most. She taught me to never give up. Never quit. That God's Word is the last word. She showed me to love even though it hurts and to give until there's nothing left. She's the reason I work so hard to make my marriage work. Marriage is hard but worth every effort. She's a passionate person. Her heart is so tender that she feels every pain. From the hurting person at the grocery store, to the sick goat in her barn. The mother-daughter relationship isn't always perfect, but just like everything we do, we will make this work too.
I hope to bring the kids to their farm as soon as school is out. We miss them so much. We miss their goats too. But I miss my mom's hug the most. Hope to see you soon Mom! Nee
PS, this would be longer, but it's time for me to get ready for work.


  1. Let's go see her!!! We can leave on a Friday- after you get off work - I will drive. We will load the kids up, grab a bite to eat on the road and go! I will crash at my girlfriends house...and then we will leave on Sunday! No EXPENSE to you - except to talk to me and keep me company!

  2. What a great post! And I love the picture you chose.

    There is no greater blessing than to have a loving mother - except for the blessing of having a loving daughter.

    Your message of respect and love for your mother is not only evident here on your post, but in your life as well.

    Love Ya!


  3. What a sweet post. It brought tears to my eyes. There is no other relationship like the mother-daughter one. We are so lucky to have the moms we did that grounded us in what really matters in life. Is that a picture of you and your mom or your mom and Tzipi? I can't tell. If it's you, Tzipi looks just like you.

  4. Tina: I'm planning a trip around Memorial day weekend. It's a three day weekend, so you may already have plans. I take more than 3 days when I go because it's such a tough trip for the kids. May 28th- June 1,2or 3 (depending on my mom's schedule). It's available, just gotta get it approved at work.

    Linda: It's Tzipi. She had more hair than I did when I was little. I didn't sprout hair until I was like 5 I think. This was when my mom came for a visit when we first moved into this house.