Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tea Time at Work

Every morning  I grab my Strawberry PopTarts and my cup of tea and get my day started. These two tea bags and the bag rest made my morning so special. Darla found these somewhere. One of the teas was lemongrass and that tasted like Chinese food, but the other was white tea and was so good I didn't want my glass to go empty. This has to be my favorite time of the day. Quiet and delicious start to my day. I don't take sugar or any kind of sweetener. I know it's better for me. Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker?
(I hate politics, sorry my dear sweet Avi, so please don't take that to mean which side are you on... I literally mean, what do you get the most pleasure from drinking in the morning.) Do you prefer drinking in the morning or is your favorite cup right before you go to sleep?


  1. I love to wake up to the smell of coffee but I am not a huge coffee lover. I am a creamer lover...so my coffee is usually like 65% creamer and the rest coffee. I have started getting into teas - especially in the evening. Of course I love "our" chia tea that Leelee introduced me too. I like your little set up - it is good to have something relax you! (I have NEVER had a Pop-Tart. I am sure I would LOVE them...so I will NOT even try them!)

  2. Oh, kittens are not kosher! Do NOT drink Chinese tea, it will lead to eating kittens! Reminder, kittens are NOT kosher!

  3. I hope you enjoy the tea bag holder. I thought of you immediately when seeing the green color - and knew you enjoy tea every day. I got some white ones in hopes that someday I might actually host some friends for tea. But it would not look too great having to shove piles of junk out of the way to try and relax, haha.

    Who is the kitten? That is a very cute picture.

    I am, and have been since I was about 16 years old, a coffee drinker. I love coffee. Sadly, I am not able to have moring coffee any more. I have to stay very near a potty when I drink the stuff. And since I work on the corner for an hour there would be a problem if I had a cup. And by the time I get home I typically just get on with my day and don't take time to make coffee for myself.

    I do like tea sometimes, mid morning or mid afternoon, and even enjoy caffiene free in the evening from time to time. I think the idea of tea time appeals to me, but the addiction to coffee is too great.