Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have the Jingles!

I'm trying to blog while lying in bed and on my side. So much fun! NOT!

Avi was talking to Tzipi on her way to school and asked her about why I was sick. She said I had the Jingles. :-) I like that name so much better than Shingles!

I'm sleeping a lot. My Dr. called to apologize for making me wait so long for pain meds. (Did you know that Walgreens will Text you when your RX is ready? SO 2010!) I got them yesterday afternoon and boy do they work! The trade-off is the pain is gone but the itchiness takes over. I don't have a single desire to scratch. It would be like wanting to scratch a gun-shot wound. That's how I describe the pain. I feel as if I have been hit with buck shot.

I really want to go to Leelee's tonight. REALLY REALLY. It's not fair. I don't want to be in bed. I don't want to hurt. I want to play. I want to clean my house. I want to do anything but have the Jingles. Maybe I can get ready and just go for a little while. I don't know. But maybe one of her friends has never had chicken pox. I don't want to give anyone this. SUCKS! SO! BAD!

Thanks for listening. Can't do much. Keep blogging so I can read!

Tina, LOVE the swing set. SO MUCH FUN! It's a lot of work but he'll be busy for hours have so many adventures. Icy Hot and Advil? (Maybe a glass of wine?)

Mom, LOVE the workshop you are having. What a cool project. Where did you find it? Is it a Stampin' Up pattern? Wish I could come! Is it card stock with paper glued to each section?

Leelee, I so hope to get to come tonight. I miss you so much and would love to spend some fun time with you. It depends on how I feel I guess. And if you feel safe letting me come over.

Darla, had so much fun at Passover, in spite of the pain. I was honored to cook for so many great people and am glad it was such a success. Tzipi and I are both so silly because when I asked her what her favorite part was about Passover, she said Puppies and I agreed. (Don't quite remember which part of the Haggadah holds the chapter about puppies, but it's the best!) LOL!

De, thanks for the prayers. I certainly need them. Thank you so much for letting the kids spend the night. They had so much fun!

Well, I love you all! Looking forward to better health and lots of fun,



  1. Jingles....I LOVE IT!!
    I am SO SAD I was not able to go to Linda's tonight. :( This swing set thing - whew!!
    Hang in there sister!!

  2. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope it goes away quickly.

    Also, about the chicken pox, I hope my kids catch it from being around you, lol. They haven't had the vaccine (and won't be getting it) and I'd rather them have it now while they are young as it gets worse as you get older.

  3. I'm so glad you came. Hope our craziness distracted you from your itchiness and pain for a little while. Let me know the verdict on the Cake Pops you took home.

  4. Pop is still going on about the food. I felt terrible that you had to spend hours cooking - but your work paid off for all of us. You, maybe not so much. I'm sorry that you are so sick.

    I think the Mamawals are going to take one puppy, and another woman is coming to meet them today. I need to post some more advertising, but just have not had the time. They will be six weeks old Saturday. They will do fine in their new homes since they have such great personalities. Fourtune is a little shy, but I think he will be ok. Has the doctor said how long he thinks it will be before you are feeling better? Not that he actually knows. I was just wondering if he told you what normal people can expect. As you know, I am not the normal one, so it did not affect me like it does most people.