Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Morning!

I couldn't come up with a better picture.

I'm doing better. My Jingles don't hurt as bad but they are still there. I'm sleepy this morning because my sinus' woke me up and then my brain wouldn't let me go back to sleep. Can anyone say Nap?

I'm looking forward to the Amarillo Public Library Book Sale today. I'm also hoping to go by the AT&T store to upgrade my phone. I tried to do it online but it just wouldn't work. Frustrating.

Work was hectic this week. We did a lot yet we don't have much to show for it. I'm glad I get two days to recuperate before I have to hit it hard again.

Avi worked hard to help our boys this week. I don't have any good pictures yet but Zee and his cousin Ethan learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels. I'm so proud of them. (Blake already knew how.) Zippy is now attempting to bypass the whole training wheels thing and ride her bike. I'm hoping maybe I can go to a garage sale today and find a bike for Avi and I. Kid bike seats aren't that expensive, so surely I should be able to put Zippy on my bike and the four of us can ride around and lose this squishy winter flub.

Avi is so excited to be working today. He'll get to be with two of his favorite people enjoying the sun and earning some moolah. I'm sure he'll be tired when he gets home but I know he'll be happy.

Well, I'll stop rambling now. I could so go back to bed. Maybe I will. YAY for the weekend!


  1. Love the picture of Bunny! It's amazing to think God sent the little thing to our carport that day. She has become such a part of your family and lives.

    Glad hubby is working and feeling good about it. Hope his back holds out.

    Dad got home at midnight and the cat work me at 5:55. Can we both say, "Nap"?

    Gonna do my best to play with my new SU goodies today. We shall see.



  2. I got some really nice photos of the boys and Avi teaching them to ride their bikes, but I thought I'd let Hester post them since she never gets to post on her blog. Good luck with the phone thing. Does Avi want to upgrade too or does he still like the old brick phone?