Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zee's 7th Birthday Party

Zee had a great birthday party. Thank you to everyone that helped to make it the great success it was. I could not have done it without you. He is currently totally wrapped up in playing with his new games for his DS.

I struggled trying to come up with the exact pattern I was going to use for his birthday cake. I started sketching some ideas and came up with using Light Sabers to spell his name Z. It was a simple concept but I think it worked.

I uploaded almost all of the pictures we took of the party on MySpace. www.myspace/
I still need to get some more pictures to show all the fun the kids had at Jump & Jive. Linda's camera has all the jumping and jiving photos.

Tomorrow I'm planning on taking Laurie's gift of amazing Yoda cookies to Zee's class to celebrate his 7th birthday. I'll take my camera for that as well. Check out Laurie's blog for all the hard work she put into that wonderfully generous gift.

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