Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tzipporah's new school

First Tzipi goes to her cubby and takes her coat off. Then she puts it on her hook. Her name is on her cubby and she knows her name.

Her teacher's names are Wormsbaker and Meyers. Believe it or not, Tzipi can say Mrs. Wormsbaker.

Then Tzipi goes to the sink and gets all soaped up and washes her hands while Eema signs in.

Then she finds the chair with her name on it and sits for breakfast. Eema kisses goodbye and then we both start our days. Abba comes to pick her up and we have to rely on Tzipi and any information the teachers may give to fill in the blanks.

Yesterday they brought a horse to school and the kids had the opportunity to feed and brush the horse.

It's only been a couple weeks, but Tzipi seems to have made a good transfer from Early head start to Head Start.

More to come!

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  1. It's a wonderful program and I'm so excited she gets to participate.