Thursday, January 15, 2009

I won!!!

Silly and gaudy as it may look, this silly trophy means a lot to me. I moved to team one from my original team last year. I was nervous about fitting in well with the group of strong personalities. There is a team trophy that is awarded to peers by peers. I was awarded the trophy today. I even got teary eyed. My job can be pretty monotonous and at times be rather stressful, but this helped more than I can say. It started out as a BMX bike trophy and then as each team member won the trophy, they added something personal each time. I added the hot pink post it note it says our team's motto," We set the standard" Team One!!!

I'm not sure who I'll award it to, but it'll be fun to return the favor.


  1. Congratulations!!! I know you needed an encouraging word. What fun!

  2. Ditto! Praise should not be sought, but never rejected when spontaneous! Kudos and all that jazz. Ma