Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take a friend to work day.

Since the kids aren't able to visit AIG until they are 10 years old, I've come up with my tradition of bring one of their friends to work. I take a few pictures and then tell the kids a story about the friend's day at work with me.

So I took Nanna our Gorilla webkinz friend to work with me and I have to say it was really fun. I got lots of questions from my co-workers, but we have so much fun playing webkinz in the evening that I think I even sold a couple moms on getting one for their kids to play with. Webkinz is loads of fun even for me. I play games on the site to help Zee buy furniture and food for his babies. I love the typing game, the pizza parlor game, and the atom color bomb game. It's a great way to think of the kids during the day and talk about my day at work when I get home, without boring the kids to tears.

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  1. Nee,

    Love the gorilla idea. I can see how it would give a kid an idea of what mommy does without the child actually being there. Glad you like the gorilla and Zee is ok with sharing her.