Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Force of Motherhood

Azariah is having a Star Wars Themed birthday party. So I just couldn't help myself. I had to make a costume for him. There are some great websites on how to make them without shelling out so much cash for a pattern. Thankfully there was still plenty of Halloween fabric on really great clearance. So it took about two hours to put together the pants, belt, obi, and Jedi cloak.

Azariah's cousins Blake and Ethan were here when I finished, so of course they were thrilled to play with my little Jedi. They spent most of the day playing Star Wars Lego on Gamecube. They only have a couple more blocks to unlock before they get to the final bonus: LegoLand, so they have been using my computer to strategize while going to Star Wars sites for hints and walk through tips.

My nephews are big Star Wars fans and they always seem to have tons of fun at our house!

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