Monday, January 26, 2009

It is so much better to give!

Zee and Zane

Zee had so much fun today when I showed up at class. They were working hard on their butterfly cycles when I came in with the big box of Yoda cookies. They were gluing pipe cleaners on paper plates.

Once the class had cleaned up their tables, Zee handed out each cookie to his class. Mrs. Culp's class was working hard on the same cycle project. Zee asked Mrs. Culp if he could pass out cookies to everyone in her class too. It's really one big First Grade, but with two teachers (four if you count the assistant teachers too).
Mrs. Wittlake and Mrs. Culp got cookies too!

We were having so much fun that I forgot to pull out my camera until the end.

We even had enough to give Yoda Cookies to Mrs. Armbruster and Mrs. Witacre and Mrs. Goldsmith too.

It was so exciting to see how happy Zee was. He is happy most of the time, but it was a treat for me to get to share in the fun.

Thank you Laurie! You are the best!!!

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  1. It's great that Zee is always so loved by folks. His sweet spirit and generosity seem to shine no matter where he is. You've done a great job with loving him, that's why he's so loving. Mom