Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Deckard Road Trip

Avi is taking the kids to his mom's house this weekend for an extended vacation. I didn't want to limit them to only three days of fun or make them feel pressured to end their fun early. So they are going down to the Lake this weekend. I'm going to take the opportunity to clean the house again and do things I don't do when the kids are around. Write music on my digital piano, scrapbook, and enjoy the silence. It wasn't that long ago that both kids were on vacations of their own, but as an only child I welcome the solitude. I'm hoping to get with Hester and maybe even get to see Linda if their schedules aren't crazy. I don't have to go to work on Friday! I'm sure it will be weird after the novelty wears off, but they'll be home and back to their shenanigans before I know it.

1 comment:

  1. We really don't have any plans to speak of. Lavonna is having the family dinner on Saturday and then fire works for anyone that wants to come out. Maybe we can go to lunch Friday. I think Hester has to keep Stephanie's kids on Friday. Just call me.