Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dinner Party at Pacific Rim (or Bryson is Really Entertaining)

Zee took a picture of the sign, so we know where we are.

This evening was for Linda's birthday, but not according to the pictures in my camera. Zee took a bunch of pictures, and the only slightly decent picture I have of Linda is not something she would like me to post on my blog. She's pointing her finger and making a serious face. Sorry Leelee! Hester decorated the room with balloons.

Tzipi is in love with babies. Bryson was so cute and she couldn't help playing "Mommy" all night. Bryson was the sweetest part of the party.

Bryson really had a blast with the ice water and lemons. He was so happy to drink the cold water.

Then they took the water away. As soon as Lavonna gave the water back to him, he would stop crying.

The kid's table. The food was so yummy and worth waiting for.

Bryson loved the sweet dessert. This is whipped cream on his chin.

Pacific Rim's entrance.

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  1. Thanks for not posting a "yucky" picture of me. Give me warning next time so I can put on a happy face. We had a wonderful time too, but I forgot my camera so thanks for the pictures.