Sunday, June 28, 2009

Officer's Training June 27th 2009

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Officer's Training for Toastmasters. We have training twice a year. It was a pretty good turn out. Seems we had more people when I went to the December Training in Plainview, but this training was so informative. We got to ask some good questions and had two very good resources in our two main speakers. Last training I was VP of Education and this year I'm webmaster. I found out that I'm the only webmaster that actually has a blog and updates regularly. Hopefully this will change after this weekend. I'm excited about this coming year and hope to increase our membership. We have a Fall conference coming this October and I hope we can promote our club there as well. Toastmasters is increasing outside of the United States (and decreasing within). This was a bit disheartening. We are still the best kept secret around as most people think we drink wine and make toasts (or learn how to keep from burning toast). I'm still amazed at how many people have heard of it, but have not idea what it is or what you do. I welcome any and all of my family and friends to attend our meeting. We are an open membership club and anyone can join (not just employees at the place I work at). Thursdays at 11:45, for an hour. Email me at and I'll give you directions for our meeting place.

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