Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mud Day July 11th 2009!

My friends at worked asked me to come to their Volleyball tournament. It was a charity event for the Sheriff's Department. I figured I would sit and watch my friends and cheer them on. Little did I know that my kids would want to join the muddy fun.

Here are some of my friends.

Zippy kept throwing mud at the boys, but she was happy in the mud.

She wanted more mud.

They even let the firemen squirt them with the fire hoses to get the mud off.

This team was tough.

Zee really got into it.
I have a lot of photos, but my sun burn is screaming for aloe.

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  1. Ouch and yet looks like the kiddos had some muddy delicious fun. Sunblock, sunblock, repeat after me..."sunblock". You are your mother's daughter and your father's. Love the sun, hate the burn.