Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gentle Art of Line Drying

To keep from having the dryer on, I've taken to hanging our clothes on the line. The benefit is that it bleaches my whites and is gentle on my delicates.
There is something therapeutic with this work as well. Breathing the fresh air and calculating how many clothespins I can save for the rest of the load of clothing.
The smell of the wet, clean laundry blowing in the breeze. Also knowing that this is the way my great great great grandmother dried her clothing keeps me in touch with the past.
Just wanted to share this happy moment with my blog friends/family. Love, Nee


  1. I used to love sleeping at Grandma's house on her stiff, wind dried sheets. The smell was delicious! It also gives me happy thoughts. I often wish I had a line to dry at least my sheets on. Maybe I'll borrow yours.

  2. I love it! My Mom always line'd clothes until she moved here. Since I have so many messy birds in my backyard I am scared to line all my stuff goes on hangers in my bathroom. Not the same...but my bathroom smells good! :)

  3. Nee,

    I've been remiss in using my line. You reminded me why I asked dad for a clothes line. It is ecologically sound and brings back memories for me as well. When we lived in Wyoming I always used the line. I used one in Roswell as well. I used one occasionally at the trailer too. My memory is returning to when we used to run through grandma's laundry and play hide and seek and get yelled at. Fun and yet scary at the same time.