Sunday, July 5, 2009

My garden

I actually took these pictures! This is my garden, for those of you that remember that I planted a bunch of seeds in the early part of spring.. I can't remember exactly which blog posting, but it's archived somewhere. :-)

I'm proudest of my Glads! Such a pretty color and for only 1.00 for 6 at the Dollar Tree!


  1. They look great. Flowers of any kind always make me happy. I keep saying I'm going to plant some and pot some, but keep running out of money. Oh well, there's alway next summer.

  2. Nee, I loved the gladiola. I don't have the green thumb or heart for flowers. You should see my pumpkins! My cucumbers are getting bigger by the day. My sunflower is about a foot tall. Oh and I have three eggs so far! Farming is work, but fun. My rooster Wonka (changing his name) has decided he's in love with me. Tries to grab me and hold me down. Weird. My duck has started doing the same. I have to run to my shed.