Saturday, July 18, 2009


On the weekend of July 4th, I went to the Antique Mall here in Amarillo. They were having a grand sale and I had so much fun! I had this great book with French Inspiration and I used it to guide my hunt. My living room is plain and blah and I decided it was time to try a little harder. I've asked my landlord for some interior paint, so hopefully this fall I can paint a little bit here and there because my little house desperately needs it. So in the mean time, I wanted to spruce things up a bit...

My favorite broach broke and I was very upset. Then I thought about the color scheme, tied it to a black ribbon and hung it from one of the pictures in my living room. I get to see it everyday now!

I have a love/hate relationship with this sofa and wish I could properly re-upholster this ugly old thing. Since I don't have the finances to do that, I covered it with white cotton fabric that I can wash weekly since I know I will have to with two very messy children.

I found fabric and some linen napkins that I sewed into four pillows. It was less than 30 minutes of my time and $2.00 total!

I found 3 hand crocheted doilies that made me feel very nostalgic. I hung them on the wall to hide some large ugly nails and scratches that I can't get off without putty and paint.

I found these two prints that were originally 20 dollars each at Bed Bath and Beyond, but second hand I only had to spend $4.00! Just under 10 dollars for all my treasures and I changed the whole look of my living room.
Just a side note: My mom and I used to go antiquing all the time, and I forgot how much fun it is to go back in time. When things get really rough I just imagine going to up and down the little booths and get all happy. I can't wait till the next time I get to jump into my time machine!


  1. Sounds like fun and it looks great! It is nice to have those get-aways even if we stay at home. I can't wait to see it all in one view.

  2. Nee,

    Ok, now you're making me very homesick for my little girl. I go do the "our thing" but it's never quite the same without you.

    It sounds like you've added your touch to your home and of course I know how fun it is to release the "ME" in all of us. I guess that's why I can't imagine letting someone else design my space. YUCK.

    Enjoy YOUR space.