Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a good Dad

I'm sorry that they are lopsided photos, but I just wanted to post them quickly and I don't know how to edit them like Leelee does. Anyway... Tzipi was really eager to practice her chosen profession with her Abba. She washed his hair, put a towel around his neck and had him sit in a chair. He let her trim just a little.

He looked in the mirror, gasped and said, Oh it's wonderful Tzipi. I don't think I'd be trusting enough to let her practice on me. 
He's such a good Dad!


  1. I am still amazed he would let her come near him with a pair of scissors. It's time to buy her a cheap Barbie salon doll to practice on. I guess I'll be sending my old wigs and a wig form for her to practice on!

  2. Yes he is a great dad! Most dad's would run yelling the other direction.