Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jury Duty

Ugghh... I was just thinking the other day when I saw "jury duty" written on someone's board at work, golly I've never gotten Jury Duty since I got married. WOW! Wish I hadn't had that thought.

At first I thought, hmm... it won't be so bad. I still get paid at work.  Oh, and let's also mention that there are only three people on my team and we used to be a team of 6, so any time one of us is absent, it causes a lot of stress to the other two team members.

Then I saw that I have to go to Canyon. I've never driven there intentionally. I've driven through and I've been with family, but I've never driven in Canyon. I have my Google Maps on my phone, so I'm not terribly worried, but it's just one more thing.

The only time I served, it was an eye opening experience. I felt that the guy that was trying to get rich from the people he was in court with, was the guilty party. Right off the bat. And I was with a group of people that wanted to award tons of insurance money to the guy. I would have none of that. The guy was an alcoholic and was the cause of the accident, from my perspective and I wasn't going to give him a dime. The company was a small trucking company, and the insurance premium increase would probably cause great strain to a small business and might even cause them to close up shop. Well, I was 21 and all the other jurors were much older than I was. So each time I wrote $0.00, they would get so angry. It was tough being the odd man out. Finally they asked me what is the least amount I would give him just so we could get out of there. After hours of deliberation and for me, personal heartbreak, I awarded the man only legal and medical fees to the tune of $108,000.00. I still think it was insane. My mom took me to a restaurant and bought me my favorite drink, Sangria. We talked and I came to terms with at the time I saw as caving.  Our justice system is very confusing.

So September 13th, please be nice to me. Just settle out of court and cancel the whole dang thing.

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