Saturday, September 17, 2011

Too Embarassed

Ok. So I really need to work on my room. I had it pretty organized for a while, and then I had my birthday and it became the dumping ground. I really SHOULD take a before picture, but I just don't think I could bare showing you how bad it's become.

So I hope that I can get it all organized and cleaned this weekend. I'm really tired of the mess.

Will she get it done? Tune in next time, for another exciting chapter of Neesnovellas.

1 comment:

  1. You hold down a full time job, have physical issues, have two children, have a husband, two cats, and a few other issues I won't put on paper. Give yourself a break. My bed is unmade, there are dishes in the sink, I'm so tired I can't think and the dog had me up at 4:30AM! So I think we're both doing good. Do what you can because in a hundred years no one will know or care.