Saturday, September 10, 2011

A new post!

There's no particular order to this post. I took these picture before and during our trip to Austin. This was Bunny sitting in the grass while we were waiting for Leelee to come get me.

I'm not sure you can see the bird, but there is a bird on this table and he steals a big huge conglomeration of french fries.  
This was our dinner in the hotel. It was so delicious! See the box? Scroll down to see whats in it.

Zee made this and I'm not sure if you can see that it's 3D! It's awesome!

This is a lamb. Tzipi made it. So adorable!

See how Hans' legs are stretched out. I love it when goggies do this.

See Polly? We love her.

I told you! They are amazing. Strawberry cupcake and a carrot cake cupcake (say that really fast).

Here is Lazer looking out of Zee's window. He's such a good kitty. (Even if he is the biggest scaredy cat in the world).

I thought these tiles were beautiful. I took pictures.

The tiles were on our tables at Chilis. The food was amazing. Too much food, but it was so delish! 

OK, Leelee... you gotta blog about the Historical Marker we stopped at. I'm so tempted, but I want YOU TO! I think the whole story is so awesome!

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