Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy but unproductive at the same time!?

Tzipi is such a tom boy. She got to shoot Zee's bb gun for the first time, and she's a great shot!

Don't worry, Avi is with her the whole time and we are teaching her all the necessary rules to bb gun safety. But she is definitely more interested in it than Zee is. 

oh, and see this? This is my nightmare. The stupid idiotic dryer is the most complicated piece of machinery ever, when I know most dryers are not. The back doesn't come off. You have to disassemble the entire thing, top and front and take the entire thing apart and the stupid dryer element is 80 bucks. THEN one of my clothes lines broke with clean wet clothes on it. This is a little thing in the great scheme of things, but right now it feels freakin HUGE!

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  1. Love ya. I can hardly wait to find out how the answer comes. Love ya. Did I already say that? Oh and did you know I love ya.