Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend work

It's a challenge balancing work and home. I love my family so much and enjoy watching my children grow and progress and loving my husband more each day. But I am also very blessed to do a job that I am good at and enjoy. There are times when office politics get in the way and make my day longer than normal, but for the most part my work is fulfilling and I enjoy getting up for work most days. Then there's coping with working overtime and weekends. There are times when I have the choice to work or not to work but there are times when it is mandatory. The mandatory times are easy to cope with because there is really no other option. The days when I have a choice are the days I struggle with the most. Most of the time I want to stay home with my kids and get the house ready for the week ahead. Today I'm going in for three hours and will be home in enough time to enjoy the rest of my day. I'm going in earlier than everyone else so I can get some work done. (People tend to play too much where I work.) So while everyone is sleeping in today, I'll be making some much needed overtime for my family.

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  1. Being the mom has both challenges and rewards. It's funny how we imagine things one way and they turn out very differently. If someone had told me I'd end up on a tiny farm in Texas I'd have told them they were insane. It is good that you enjoy what you're doing and feel accomplished in it. No matter what you do God has promised you will prosper if you put Him first. Obviously though you're challenged, you are prospering. YEAH!